Project Investor Assistance

Gobal mission of technical, administrative and financial assistance with the Project Owner for the definition and the optimal implementation of the means necessary to the good realization of the operation

Functional risks control
  • concerning an insufficiency in needs’ definition and expression or change of them in time
  • of inconsistency: interface building/Equipements
  • “of enterprise”: ascribable with the failure of a company in the course of building site
Financial risks control
  • partly linked to a bad identification of the constraints
Temporal risks control
  • dependant on the excessive times of studies, approval and realization
Legal risks control
  • dependant on an imperfect control of the procedure (recourse), control of legality
Optimization of the overall costs (investment + maintenance operations)
  • to guarantee the performances, the quality and the sustainability of construction
  • to define quantified requirements
Follow-up of the opinions, variations and observations
  • to ensure a rigorous functional analysis, in technical, architectural and economic aspects
  • to ensure the rigorous follow-up of the studies and works
Follow-up and control of progress and quality


Construction Project Management

The Project Investor gives a mandate to the Delegated Project Management to complete for him and on his behalf all or parts of his responsibilities and prerogatives

Financial, administrative, technical and legal management
Respect of the planning, budgets and the quality
Follow-up of the opinions, variations, indicators and procedures
Validation of the choices
Follow-up and control of the progress
Procedures Control and follow-up of the regulatory and security constraints

Engineering of the real-estate operating and maintenance

Audit to redesigned the services in charge of facilities operating, maintenance services and assistance to start and management of the operating of large equipment

Organisational expertise
Costs control and budgetary commitments
Information management and decisional Reporting
Dynamics of the evolution and anticipation
Flexibility and adaptability

Real-estate consulting and expertise, valuation of assets

Real-estate consulting combining strategy and implementation (expertise, valuation, strategy…), facilitated decision-making and sustainable support

Real-estate strategy (investments, transformation, sales)
Transaction consulting
Real-estate consulting and expertise (works, operating, assignement, value increase)
Sustainable development (improvement of the performances of the building: energies, water, density, waste, landscape, social…)

Consulting in sustainable real estate

Actions carried out in the objective of the respect of the environment (energy performances, water, social…), improvement of environment and the creation of the green real estate

Sustainable development (improvement of the performances of the building: energies, water, density, waste, landscape,…)
Energy engineering (inventory, optimization, operational control)
Overall costs approach (investment costs + Operting- Maintenance + infrastructure change)
Environmental impact of the building
Social impact of the building (handicapped,…)

Metier 5.1 



Expertise in informations, control and operating systems of real-estate assets

Expertise in informations systems for the management, and the control of the costs of the public and private property to have an optimal use by taking of account the great challenges of sustainable development and the energy management.

Flexible and adaptable informations system
Management, governance, control of the costs of real-estate assets
Sustainable development and energy management